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Today is the Earth Overshoot Day, which means that by today we have used all the ecological resources the Earth is able to reproduce in one year. For the past 50 years, the Earth Overshoot Day has been moving closer almost every year. Last year, the Earth overshoot day was on the 1st of August, meaning that within only 1 year, we have moved two days ahead and are clearly depleting the Earth of its resources. Currently we, as the global population, would need 1.75 Earths to support our lifestyle, which is clearly not sustainable.

As the young generation, we cannot let this go unnoticed and we certainly will not allow it to happen. The millions of young people who have marched on the streets of Europe and the world during the past year need to be listened to. In AEGEE we want to urge everyone to take immediate action for mitigating the climate crisis. We believe that change has to be at every level, starting from systemic changes to our current economic system, to changes in corporate responsibility or individual lifestyle. This is not an issue that can be postponed to the uncertain future, we have to work on it today and we have to work on it together.



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