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By Antonia von Richthofen, Policy Officer ERWG

This Friday, November 9th, marks a special day, a strong reminder of how pressing certain political issues are still today: at the International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism, we, as AEGEE-Europe, stand up together and raise our voices against all means of hate, fascism, racism, and sexism. United under the slogan „Speak up now! Fighting fascism is not radical, it is necessary!“ we take a stand and support the organisers of this year’s campaign, to raise not only awareness but to share our beliefs and values with the world.


Just exactly 80 years ago, in 1938, we remember the injustice and various hate-crimes executed in Germany and Austria against the jewish population, of which the infamous pogrom night we call „Kristallnacht“, on 9th of November, was only the dawn of the systematic persecution, discrimination and finally the annihilation of millions of people. For this we remind ourselves on this day, that no matter our past, we still have to fight against fascism in all regards every single day. Despite dating back eighty years by now, racist, fascist and Neo-Nazi movements impose a threat to society once again. Assaults and discrimination of migrants and minorities be it for religious reasons, ethnicity, sexual orientation or disabilities can and will not be accepted by us.


Thus, we must stand together and speak up – today more than ever before, in order to prevent such terrible crimes to ever happen again. We cannot stay silently watching frightening actions and developments of far-right movements in Europe, nor anywhere else in the world. For this reason the Equal Rights Working Group of AEGEE-Europe calls upon all of you to unite against Neo-Nazis and fascism and to take action, raising your voice, to protect those around you and fight against injustice and discrimination. If you or your local want to take action, offers you diverse ideas on how to raise awareness on the topic. On their page they are sharing Best Practices about how to organize a Street Action, a Vigil, a Workshop, or only a Book Reading or Discussion. Help us remind the world that the fight is not over, that we have a voice to speak up with and that we can protect and create a peaceful, equal, inclusive and fair future for everyone!



Contact the Equal Rights Working Group to share your initiatives, for help at events, motivation and guidelines.

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  1. YES, we must stand together and speak up to counter/tackle fascism, hate, racism, sexism, negativism, populism and euroscepticism. So, let’s celebrate a united Europe every year on Europe Day (9th May) with street parades for the people in all 28 EU capitals, with attractive music and shows on floats and subtle messages about the many EU successes. It solves your quest for “speaking up now”, because annual street parades give a huge platform to speak out and reach the masses!!

    And let’s make this Europe Day a free public holiday across the EU! That will make the people happy and allows them to join in the annual festivities. Organizing street festivals every year in all EU 28 capitals is not expensive, and when organized and programmed wisely (by the youth?), these marches/parades can create an atmosphere of togetherness and solidarity, and help reduce euroscepticism and populism… AEGEE would be an excellent initiator/promoter of such an initiative!!

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