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2015-12-01On 17th of November 2015 at the Enterprise 2020 Summit, the European Commission and business leaders launched the ‘European Pact for Youth’ to improve partnerships between business and education to boost the chances of young people getting jobs.

The Pact aims ‘to develop or consolidate partnerships’ on the field of youth employment in order to increase youth employability and inclusion by providing support through quality business-education partnerships to improve several skills such as ‘digital, entrepreneurial, green and soft’ ones.

AEGEE-Europe, as a student organization that is aware of the worrying situation of youth unemployment in Europe and understands that the problem is multifaceted, welcomes the intention of the Commission and other stakeholders for building cross-sectorial partnerships between the employers and educational institutions.

Since the problem covers several fields the involvement of as many actors as possible is crucial. AEGEE believes -as stated in its Position Paper in Transition from Education to Working Life– that there is a need of changing mindset and developing entrepreneurial skills among young people, so we welcome the special attention on this topic. Although we would like to point out the crucial role of the youth organization in non-formal and informal learning. In this sense, AEGEE encourages the Commission and business leaders to involve the youth organizations in these partnerships, therefore reaching out directly to those who are greatly affected by the old-fashioned educational structure which excludes them from the job market.


Written by Kristóf Papp, AEGEE-Europe’s Youth Employment Working Group Coordinator

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