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Ten years ago, AEGEE organised the World Youth Summit on Globalisation. Held at the EP Brussels, this was the grand closure of the 2003 Yearplan Project of AEGEE-Europe Youth & Globalisation. In a lot of ways, this event was unique because for the first time, AEGEE had opened its doors to other active youths from across the globe to discuss the effects on youth and globalisation. In fact, in spite of all the problems related with bureaucracy and visa, we managed to have people from all over the continents debating with representatives from the main International Institutions such as the EU, World Bank and UN. It was exceptional and special in a lot of ways.

Participants of the WYS in the European Parliament

By way of a result, we had produced what we had termed the “Final Strategy Paper” which was subsequently channeled to the Institutions, contacts and other stakeholders. You can download that paper here.

In words of one of the organisers: “This event was very inspirational to many people who subsequently became very active within AEGEE and beyond. It had also given a boost to AEGEE to concentrate on thematic work, and the Youth & Globalisation Project continued to prepare significant events which made us meet big names like Kofi Annan, Karzai, and the Royal Family in Spain. It was the beginning of a big milestone. That said, on a personal level, I think the WYS was one of the most amazing events that I have ever organised within AEGEE and it remains very close to my heart.”

We hope the story of this event, perfectly summarised on this video, inspires a new generation of AEGEE members to aim high and achieve big things.

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