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Croatia, the newest member of the EU, is today having a referendum that aims to modify their constitution for the first time in 22 years. The change in constitution is to include a sentence that specifies that marriage is an institution between a man and a woman. and it is a clear attack to the movement for equal marriage that has been gaining battles all over Europe.

This referendum is the last step of a whole campaign launched by an NGO created ad hoc by a woman called Zeljka Markic, which is the visible face of this initiative. In fact she is the only visible face, while the rest is as obscure as they can. After some research, it has been revealed that the most reactionary groups of the Catholic church are behind this initiative.

Zeljka Markic speaking in front of cameras

The movement called themselves “in the name of the family”, mirroring similar groups that tried to block equal marriage in countries like Spain and France, and managed to gather a small army of volunteers to collect 740.000 signatures to force the government to call for this referendum.

The question that is asked in the referendum is:

Are you in favor of implementing into the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia a regulation that marriage is a life community between man and a woman?

The referendum takes place today, Dec 1st, and the campaign preceding the voting has been really harsh, using manipulative messages to convince people to vote in favour. Moreover, the opposition parties are using this issue to erode the government, which is against this reform. Public personalities from fields such as sports, culture or arts, have also positioned themselves.

The expected result of the referendum will be in favour, therefore including the sentence in the Constitution and blocking the possibility of equal marriage in Croatia. This could be changed if the traditional lack of participation of young people is reverted. If you are Croatian, I would like to quote Zeljka Markic, since she finishes every of her speeches with: “Join us on Sunday to celebrate together the festival of democracy!”: So move your ass, go and vote! You can still avoid staining your constitution with such a discriminatory sentence!

Written by Miguel Gallardo, Project Director of AEGEE-Europe

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  1. “This could be changed if the traditional lack of participation of young people is reverted.”

    Is there a correlation between age and a yes or no vote?

    There are many supporters of the yes vote among youngsters, who support traditional values and not the progressive bullshit, what many “Europeans” try to push.

    I know many AEGEEans, who would never support LGBT marriages and rights in their own countries (you can check the answers of the latest LGBT survey made by the policy officer), only a small minority are so pro-LGBT, the others are afraid to say their own opinion, for example protestants, catholics or muslims, because the athmospere is so anti-conservative, anti-traditionalist and anti-life. There is a gay lobby in AEGEE, but there are other opinions too, which should be also respected, democracy is possibility of the personal choice, not a directive, which has to be followed by everybody.

  2. And all those people with other opinions were not represented at the last Agora? Then they should consider complaining to their representing delegates.

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