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Today, October 16th is Blog Action Day. This is an annual event that aims to bring bloggers closer together and this year its topic is human rights.

We got inspired by the visually amazing and conceptually clear contribution of the blog zen pencils. Click on the picture to see the complete masterpiece:

AEGEE-Europe is involved with Human Rights on a daily basis. We clearly defend them in our Statement of Principles and we also have a very active Human Rights Working Group, bringing the current topics to the attention of young Europeans and providing a platform for discussion and exchange of ideas that, in many occasions, are the seed of projects all around our Network of local organizations. During the last year, for instance, AEGEE has contributed to the Campaign against Hate Speech online of the Council of Europe with two events, one in Bratislava (Slovakia) and another one in Katowice (Poland). AEGEE also held a student conference about the situation of asylum seekers in Europe that was hosted in Leuven (Belgium).

We have also launched recently a campaign to keep the discussion on Youth Rights alive in the Council of Europe, since this topic is at risk of being taken out of the agenda after the failure of last year’s Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) in Moscow where the opposition of some countries to recognise these rights blocked the adoption of a final document. What we demand in our campaign YouthRights.NOW is the support of as many countries as possible to keep the negotiations open because what we are demanding as youth rights are nothing more and nothing less that the recognision that youth is a very vulnerable group regarding some very specific human rights. We already got the support of the first countries to our campaign and we expect to motivate many more countries to join our cause. So we invite you to visit the website of the campaign, from where you can write a message to your delegation at the Council of Europe to push for recognision of youth rights in Europe. And please share it with your contacts to make sure we have enough support to our cause.

You can read more about the campaign and the 10 youth organizations that are behind it in our article about the launch of the YouthRights.NOW campaign, and also visit the website of the Blog Action Day.

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