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Health4Youth project of AEGEE-Europe welcomes the directive presented by the Public Health Committee on 11th of July 2013, against slim and flavoured cigarettes [1].

H4Y would like to emphasize the significance of this measure. In our daily work, we notice that many students experiment with slim and flavoured cigarettes, also because of the way they look and taste: this makes many young people think they are harmless. However, as research has shown [2], smoking slim and flavoured cigarettes is often a first step towards smoking real cigarettes and towards various degrees of addiction. It is of great importance that this measure is implemented EU-wide. If countries would deal separately with this matter, the positive effects would be much weaker. Countries that would not enforce this type of directive would become attractive destinations for buyers from neighbouring countries, something favoured by the high mobility of the European students nowadays, which is something AEGEE-Europe very much supports.

Health4Youth is a project group launched by the European student association AEGEE. It aims to encourage a healthy lifestyle among students in Europe, by creating a large pool of knowledgeable students about this topic. It believes that for students being able to live a healthier lifestyle, obstacles such as flavoured cigarettes should be banned with immediate effect. The Public Health Committee is therefore doing a great job by banning this product. The Health4Youth project is glad to see that strong measures are being taken against this strategy to get young people addicted.



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