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World Water Day 2013

The United Nations has the year 2013 proclaimed as the International Year of Water Cooperation and today, the 22nd of March, is the International World Water Day. Water is almost a magic liquid, without water life is not possible on the earth. The amount of clean drinking water will be a hugh problem in the near future, so water is a very current topic. The UN focuses mainly on water cooperation this year. Through different conferences on water cooperation in different countries the UN hopes to attract attention, raise awareness and achieve a better cooperation regarding water policies and actions that are taken.

The European Union has an up to date policy regarding water management. Reports from the European Environment Agency are making clear that unless additional action to the Water Framework Directive (the current water policy of the EU) is taken, it won’t be possible to achieve a good water status by 2015. It was time to implement a new water strategy, otherwise the goals that were set won’t be reached. The Water Blueprint, the new water strategy of the EU, is strongly related to the EU’s 2020 strategy. The aim of the EU’s 2020 strategy is that the EU becomes a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy. Water is of course an important factor in a sustainable economy, especially with increasing drought in the Mediterranean countries. The objective of the Water Blueprint is to ensure that a sufficient quantity of good quality water is available for people’s needs, the economy and the environment throughout the EU. Hopefully the good water status in the EU is reached by 2015 with this new water strategy!*

In AEGEE the Environmental Working Group members care about water as well. Our last social meeting was about water pollution and plastic soup in the ocean. We think that when everyone contributes a little bit; using less water and less water polluting products, we can make together that clean drinking water will still be, or will again be, available for everyone in the future! Let’s cooperate together and make the earth a better planet!


Written by Iris Hordijk, Speaker EnWG AEGEE

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