Key to Europe

Vision of Europe

Comité Directeur 2012-2013 envisions a united Europe without borders or barriers. This Europe does not consist of 27 members states, but it is a strong political union between all European nations, where national priorities are second to common interest, and there are no conflicts between countries and nations because of their past. The European economy should be a well-integrated union based on solidarity.

It is a Europe of citizens, and not of politicians. All citizens, especially all young people have the same rights and opportunities, regardless of the country they live in. We dream of a participative society where citizens both feel responsibility for their communities and have the opportunity to actively participate in decision making processes. The opinion of young people as the future generation is heavily taken into account by policy makers.

Our Europe is free of prejudice and represents a place for dialogue, where diversity is embraced as a source of richness. Europe should take an active role and responsibility in conflict resolution around the world. It is a role model for democracy and human rights, as well as an economic and political power recognised worldwide.

In our Europe, we have a common and inclusive system of higher education which reflects the needs of society. Non-formal Education and Volunteering as its tool are included in the educational system and strongly recognised, supported and encouraged.

Our Europe is creative, innovative and dynamic. Entrepreneurship and initiative are valued and economic development does not compromise the future of the environment, our natural resources and sustainability.

Comité Directeur 2012-2013
Anna, Bea, Kathring, Lucille, Luis, Miguel and Pavel

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